How to Turn Your Lake Tahoe Vacation Home into Your Residence

Be honest...are you ready to retire? Does 2020 have you feeling like you never want to go back to a daily commute life? And what about your neighbors, especially if you’re both home most of the time...are you ready for a change of scenery? It may be time to make your Lake Tahoe vacation home into your primary residence! Think of all the perks, waking up to crisp mountain air every morning, knowing your backyard is one of the country’s most beautiful natural wonders, and plenty of quiet solitude or activities to suit your mood. 

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Maybe your plan is to permanently quit, or maybe you plan to keep working in a more-relaxing environment- the latter is becoming a more popular choice than ever.  Either way, there are some big decisions to make when considering moving full time into your vacation home and establishing it as permanent residence. This can range from renovations you want to make, changing up the aesthetic of the design or furnishings, or the legal and administrative work to get done, going as far as mortgage considerations. Not to mention moving! 

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  • Start with the pre-move work like renovations or landscaping changes before you call it your own year-round. This can add considerable time and cost to the transition, and it will often come before you move out or sell your current residence, so plan accordingly. Take into account how you already live, how much stuff you’ll be bringing with, and if this home achieves those needs comfortably- both inside and out.
  • Design changes come after any renovations, and if this will be your permanent residence, you’ll likely bring many important pieces along. Hold off on that desire to buy all new furnishings until you have a curated list of what you’ll keep versus let go, and the holes you need to fill in your new perma-home. Tinsel House Studio can help!
  • Switching from a vacation rental to a residence will mean changing up your insurance, property taxes, maybe dropping a rental management company, and other matters that require legal expertise. Partner with the right professionals to ensure you’ve made the proper moves, especially if you’re also working to sell or rent out your former primary residence.

  • Full time residency around Lake Tahoe has other considerations, like weather and tourism. We measure the white winters in feet, not inches, so take that into account with your lifestyle, hobbies, and activities. If you’re not yet a skier or snowshoer, this could be your time! And while the crowds create traffic and commotion for the big holidays, it has less impact on quieter residential areas. 

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Classic Tahoe Properties is here to guide you through every step of the transition from vacation home to primary residence, give us a call or drop us an email today.