Stage to Sell

So you’re ready to sell your home, congratulations! You’ve already purged the junk, cleaned up the decor, and are ready to take photos for your realtor. It’s all set for lights, camera, action! ...right? 


Before you pull the trigger on a professional photographer or spend a day on DIY photos, have you considered staging? Getting your house staged and ready for showtime may not be your first thought, and we’re not just talking about personal decorating choices here. Staging is working with what you have to present your property in the best possible way, and often requires an extra set of eyes to do it right. As the market evolves, staging is becoming a critical consideration that can impact how much you list your home for, and how long it might sit on the market. 

Think back on the last time you browsed house listings. What stood out- the homes with the attractive, well-lit photos that helped you make sense of the space, or the ones that looked cluttered, dark, and showed more potential than polish? 


Now look around your space. What might it be saying to the potential buyer? Would they label it the house with “the gorgeous kitchen” or the one with “the busy bookshelves”? Even if you love how you decorated and put a ton of effort into personalizing your home, that doesn’t mean it’s well-staged. Unfortunately, staging and decoration are not mutually exclusive. Your design decisions may not give your home the blank slate it needs to sell, but don’t take it personally. Professional stagers will bring an objective eye to your home, as long as you can check your feelings at the door.

To put it another way, if you were invited to go on the Late Show, would you do your own hair, makeup, and outfit? Or would you take the help of the professionals that work in the industry, and make people look great on TV every single day? Think about how this approach plays into one life’s biggest financial decisions. Are you sure you want to put your house on the market without any staging? 


This is where professional stagers come in! For those who live in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee area, we love using Tinsel House Studios for all home staging needs. They have years of experience creating captivating interior looks that put your best foot forward.

When it’s time to sell, give us a call at Classic Tahoe Properties and we’ll help you bring out the best in your home.