What can home buyers expect when looking in the Lake Tahoe area?

If you’re one of the many prospective Lake Tahoe home buyers, welcome to the club! We’re excited you’re here and can’t wait to be your partner through the process. Classic Tahoe Properties takes pride in providing excellent service during the initial search, narrowing the list of properties, offering, closing, and beyond. We want you to know what you can expect while finding a property in the Lake Tahoe area. 

  • Do Your Prep Work: Sure, it’s easy to say you want to live at Lake Tahoe or own a vacation home- but you need to know what it is you’re looking for to get serious. Tahoe and Truckee have a huge range of price points, amenities, communities, and nearby activities to consider.  Reach out to us for help getting started on this, we have several tools to help you quickly narrow the search.
  • Searching: This is usually everyone’s favorite part, but it comes with plenty of caveats- searching for homes online. Before you plug any addresses into Google Maps, it’s best to spend a healthy chunk of time searching online. Don’t rush this part- it’s important to learn the market before making a major decision. Track listings, make a wish list, see how fast properties you like are moving, and where are they selling- above, at, or below listing?

  • In-Person Reality Check: Before it’s time to start thinking about offers, it’s critical to see the property in person. Lake Tahoe homes and neighborhoods can look vastly different in manicured, professionally-shot Zillow photos, versus what you’ll see driving down the street. You’ll also learn more about the neighborhoods this way- what are the speed limits, how close are the shops, busy areas nearby, the neighborhood vibe, and more. Go for a walk around the block first before you ever tour the property.
  • Be Realistic: Window shopping and in-person home tours can be extremely helpful. They will also help broaden your knowledge of the Tahoe area to inform your home buying. But at the end of the day, you need to stick to your budget, and decide on the most important factors for your quality of life. Don’t fall too in love with a home that ultimately won’t work, and be ready to compromise.

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  • Remodeling and Projects: Fixer-uppers can be desirable for a number of reasons, but if you’re new to this kind of work, don’t glamorize it! Expect to spend a lot more time and/or money than you initially might expect. After closing on a home, you may not be able to start spending thousands more, or be able to take all those days off to DIY, so tread carefully.

We hope this helps you think about a few critical pieces of the home buying process, and when you’re ready to explore Lake Tahoe area home ownership, contact us at Classic Tahoe Properties.